Huzzah! Historical Wargaming Convention for New England

May 18th thru May 20th, 2018

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The Maine Historical Wargamers Association is pleased to welcome game masters, attendees, vendors, and guests to the registration site for Huzzah! 2018. Thank you for your interest and enthusiasm in supporting (mostly) historical wargaming in New England. The convention continues to grow, reaching 250+ attendees last year! The offers of assistance from individuals and clubs throughout the region has been tremendous, and we are looking forward to a weekend of good games and excellent company at the DoubleTree in South Portland, Maine

The addition of a Friday afternoon gaming session at Huzzah! 2017 was a great success and we will be doing it again this! This session will run Friday from 2:00-6:00pm. This is in direct response to more and more people arriving early, wandering around as the vendors are setting up, and generally being ready to start playing!


A discounted room rate has been negotiated for attendees of Huzzah! The discount provides a room with two double beds for $109 per night. Have all the convenience of staying at the convention venue! Be sure to use this link to make your registration: Huzzah! Doubletree Discount Registration


If you have any questions about Huzzah! please visit the convention web page or email the organizers at


Thank you for considering Huzzah! 2018 . We hope you will join us for a great weekend of gaming and fun. Our game masters and vendors offer truly wonderful tabletops and miniatures, and the games prepared for you will be terrific.

If you are interested in visiting and shopping only (not playing) please note that the convention is open to visitors at no cost. We encourage you to wander the convention to view the games, and to shop with the vendors who will be in attendance.

Attendees wishing to play in the board games at Huzzah! should plan to register for the day or weekend through this registration system, selecting the Board Game option in each time slot that you wish to play board games. There will be tables for scheduled games, as well as table space for pickup games.

Tournament participants, when registering for the convention please select the tournament game session for each time slot. If your tournament spans multiple time slots please select the tournament for each time slot.

The pre-registration period opens March 10th and continues through May 7th, 2018. Game selections will be made strictly on the basis of when paid pre-registrations are received.

Game Masters

Game masters are at the heart of the convention, and we thank you in advance for all of the hard work and investment that being a game master requires. Huzzah! has been lucky to have the support of clubs and individuals throughout New England (and some from farther!), who bring their very best to the convention for everyone to enjoy.

Miniatures games at Huzzah! run in four hour sessions, and should accommodate 6 or more players. A typical playing surface is 5x7.5 or 5x8, though a limited number of larger table spaces are available during each gaming session. If you have special requests, such as being near electricity, being in a quiet area, putting your game near your vendor booth, etc., please include those in the special requests/notes area of the registration system.

Board gaming at Huzzah! is done as both scheduled games in the Events System, and open gaming tables. Please do not feel constricted by the four hour session lengths. We realize that many of the board games today require shorter periods of time, and play with fewer people. If you place game specifics such as player numbers, duration, etc., in the special requests/notes area, we can manually adjust those in the system after you submit them. Board gaming continues to grow at Huzzah! and we are excited to see so many people at the tables!

Event Submission Ends: March 3rd, 2018 or whenever the available slots are filled.

Rates for Huzzah!

Game MastersFree(games submitted by March 3rd)
SeniorsFree(over 70 years of age)
YouthFree(12 and under, must be accompanied by a registered adult)
Full weekend$35($40 at the door)
Friday only $20(now 2 full gaming sessions!)
Saturday only $35($40 at the door)
Sunday only $20

Payment can be made through the registration system using Paypal or personal check.

You can pay via PayPal even if you do not have a PayPal account (using a Credit Card). If you want to mail your payment in, please send a check made out to: MHWA to this address:
PO Box 599
Bath, ME 04530

Your priority in each event is determined by the order in which payment was received.

Before submitting an event or registering for the convention you must login. If you haven't yet created an account Click here to proceed.